Care Instructions for Gold Filled Jewelry

Gold filled jewelry is cared for in the same manner as other precious jewelry. The absolutely best thing you can do for your Gold Filled jewelry is to clean regularly using a little bit of warm water, and a soft cloth to dry and shine after. Many chemicals marketed for cleaning jewelry are actually somewhat abrasive or corrosive and can cause some damage or color alteration to your jewelry. The best way to avoid this is to keep it simple. Warm water and a soft cloth are the best thing you can do to maintain the beauty of your jewelry.

How long will my Gold Filled jewelry last? 

Under normal wearing conditions, and with proper care, your gold filled jewelry can last a lifetime. It does not chip or peel easily as gold plated jewelry does. Heavy wear and rough conditions will of course impact how your jewelry looks. This is true no matter what your jewelry is made of.

Things to avoid with your jewelry

To maintain the beauty of your jewelry, whether it is gold filled or solid gold, salt water, chlorine (swimming pools) and all heavy detergents and cleaning agents should be avoided.    


Care Instruction for Sterling Silver Jewelry

Clean sterling silver jewelry with a soft 100% cotton (nub free) cloth or jewelry cleaning cloth and gently rub off an tiny scratches in the surface of fine sterling silver jewelry. 

Another way to remove light dirt, fingerprints or makeup is to just add a small amount of mild liquid dishwashing detergent in a 1/2 cup of warm water, gently wash the item, and rinse thoroughly with clean fresh water.  A soft bristle brush may be used to clean the corners or crevices of the item.  Dry it completely before storing it in an air tight zip lock bag. 

Should an item have a great deal of tarnish and need more cleaning than a polishing cloth can do, a deeper cleaning using a silver paste cleaner or a silver polish spray can be done.  For deeper cleaning sterling silver without gemstones, first clean with a soft cloth to clean away excessive tarnish.  Then the item can be cleaned using a dip polish cleaner or paste by following the directions with the cleaner  Using dip polish cleaners or pastes on sterling silver without gemstones is safe and will not harm your sterling silver, however, many of these cleaners can be abrasive and should be used lightly.  

If the item to be deep-cleaned has a gemstone, read the directions on the cleaning product carefully.  Many of the sterling silver cleaners on the market today should not come in contact with most gemstones.  If the stone is porous, the cleaner may be absorbed by stone and impact its appearance immediately.  Even if the stone is not porous, the cleaner can dull the finish of the stone over time.  

Deep cleaning sterling silver gemstone jewelry is often a combination of a soft cloth with mild soap and water for the stone area, and a gentle cleaning with a dip of polish cleaner on the other areas. 

We hope that these guidelines will allow you to maintain and enjoy your sterling silver items for many years to come!  


Care Instruction for Gold Plated jewelry

Only when jewelry requires cleaning, the best way to clean gold plated jewelry, is to simply make use of warm, soapy water, and a cotton swab. A quick immersion in the water, followed by some gently movement of the cotton swab, should remove most dirt, especially if it is something that is done regularly after the jewelry items have been worn. Allow the gold plated item to air dry, and shine with the use of a non-abrasive, lint free cloth.  Do not use polishing cloth.

A gentle touch, and warm, soapy water is the best way to clean gold plated jewelry; anything more could easily lead to the item being damaged, and consequently un-wearable.